Thursday, 22 May 2014

Walking can help reduce likelihood of dialysis

As we should all know, walking and regular exercise helps prolong your health in many ways. A recent article in the Daily Mail points out that there are benefits for those with kidney disease. And the figures are quite astonishing.

The study, reported in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, examined the activity patterns of a large number of patients with an average age of 70 and found that those who walked were 33% less likely to die and 21 per cent less likely to need dialysis or a kidney transplant. Even greater benefits were found the more they walked.

People who walked seven times a week or more were 59% less likely to die according to the study, and 44% less likely to need dialysis or a transplant that those who rarely took such exercise. These improvements in life expectancy and reduced susceptibility to requiring further treatment are so huge, we really hope anyone reading this just gets up and goes for a walk! Once a day for 30 minutes and your health improves.
Hit the road. NOW!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

DaVita Launches Hemodiafiltration Treatment in US

DaVita is starting a six-month trial of hemodiafiltration to selected patients in Colorado Springs, in the US. Reported here and on many other news sites too.

Hemodiafiltration differs from hemodialysis – the country's most common dialysis method – in that hemodiafiltration incorporates the standard hemodialysis process but adds an extra step designed to remove even larger toxin particles, thereby further cleansing a patient's blood. Hemodiafiltration is commonly practiced in Europe but until recently there was no FDA approved device for use in the U.S.

A very quick online search reveals references to Hemodiafiltration stretching back to 1998. One wonders why the US is only just getting its first ever trial of the technique.