Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Home dialysis viable following kidney transplant failure

Reported in DailyHealthReport, and many other sites.

Many patients who have a transplant end up returning to dialysis. The statistics show that there is very little survivability differences for such patients when using home dialysis compared to using hospital dialysis. There have been many studies on the survivability rate for the two treatments, and all report this same result. But, according to the Clinical Journal of the American Society Nephrology, less than 20% of those returning to dialysis choose home dialysis. Home dialysis is a huge cost saver, and empowers the patients, freeing them from the tedium of continual visits to a clinic.

This latest research was carried out by doctors at St. Micheal's Hospital, University of Toronto.

Interestingly, while there is an increase in the number of patients receiving dialysis, the number on home dialysis is decreasing.