Friday, 7 January 2011

Donate your kidney and get out of jail

Reported by the BBC News and other news sites.

Two sisters jailed for an armed robbery that netted them a total of $11 / £7 have just been released on the condition that one donates a kidney to the other. Jamie Scott's daily dialysis costs the state roughly $200,000 / £129,000 per year.

They received a life sentence for an armed robbery in 1993 (but of course the news report only mentions the bare minimum of details to make it look an unjust sentence). The report mentions that protesters marched through the state capital last year, calling for their release and claiming that the sentences were harsh.

Prison officials are reported to have said that they no longer think the sisters, who are eligible for parole in 2014, are a threat to society. Obviously the saving in dialysis costs had no bearing on their release...