Friday, 11 July 2014

Kidney charity backs call for organ donor reforms

Some news from Scotland on the problems of waiting for a transplant.

So just how hard is it to get treatment do you think, once diagnosed as in need of a transplant? A PATIENT on dialysis could travel to Mars and back - twice - in the time it takes to get a new kidney. The average waiting time for a transplant is 1000 days, about the time it would take to make two trips to Earth's second closest planet, which is around 140 million miles away. So says an article in a Glasgow news paper.

With a reported 700+ dialysis patients in Glasgow alone, with one dying every week, Scotland is in need of a lot more transplant operations. The charity Kidney Research UK is urging people to sign up to the transplant donor register. Have you signed an organ donor card? Do you carry it with you at all times? Does your family or friends know this? DO SOMETHING! Now!