Saturday, 19 April 2014

UK Sees Huge Increase in Altruistic Donations

Several UK news stations and papers are reporting today a huge increase in the number of "stranger" donations of kidneys for transplants over the last seven years.

Altruistic donation first became possible the UK in 2007. In that first year, only three kidneys were donated but last year (2013) a total of 107 donations took place. However, there are still over 5500 people in the UK on the transplant waiting list.

Okay, when comparing a first year with only three donations, any increase will seem huge, but this is an increase of almost 40 times more! And it's hoped that by raising awareness, even more generous individuals will step forward and become a living donor. There were 76 such donations in 2012. After all, if this man can do it, so can others.