Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Love and a Transplant

After splitting up with a girlfriend, contact often fades away. One thing you don't expect to do 20 years later is donate a kidney, and fall in love again.

The UK's Telegraph reports in a recent issue that's exactly what Gordon Henry has done, after splitting up from Jo Macfarane in 1993.

After hearing that Jo's chronic kidney condition meant she was in need of a transplant, Gordon decided to step in and lend a hand, or a kidney to be more exact. And amazingly he turned out to be a perfect match. After the operation, with the donor and recipient waking up in adjoining beds, nurses dropped a hint that Gordon might secretly still want her back. and now they are back together again.

They split up after they had a son, and 20 years on Gordon thought that donating a kidney "was a chance to repay her for all she's done for our son, she's brought him up all these years."

You can read the story here.