Sunday, 20 May 2012

83 year old kidney donor!

Yes, you read that right!

It was featured on the UK tv news on many channels, and several newspapers, such as The Guardian for 17th May

Nicholas Crace is officially the oldest living kidney donor in the UK (not sure about the world, but Google didn't seem to turn up anyone older, which wasn't a surprise). Nicholas thought about helping others some time after his wife died last year, as he had no dependents to worry about. He felt that with over 7000 people in the UK waiting for a donor, he could do some good as an altruistic donor (not donating to a relative, just to help someone)

After several months of tests and hospital visits, which assessed his kidneys as being in great shape), he underwent a three hour operation to remove a kidney. He is one of a rare breed in the UK - just over 100 other people have made a similar donation. The surgeon who carried out the operation, Sam Dutta, said that using a living donor works better, more quickly and lasts longer than a kidney from an accident victim who has joined the donor scheme.

Altruistic donors were "very special people", said Annabel Ferriman, chair of the charity Give a Kidney – One's Enough.
She is just so right!