Sunday, 8 April 2012

Oil Services company decides to support Scottish dialysis charity

Aker Solutions is an international oil services company with a base in Aberdeen, Scotland. They have just announced that they will support two charities during 2012, one of which is the Kidney Dialysis Unit Stonehaven. The charity was brought to their attention when one of their IT support staff was diagnosed as suffering from chronic kidney disease. Since then the staff member, Julie Robertson, has been involved in several fund raising events, and is overwhelmed by the support her employer has given, culminating in this charity sponsorship.

Does your company have a charity policy? Do they they choose a different charity each year? Why not drop the hint about chronic kidney disease and dialysis units? Many of the bigger companies are quite happy to support charities in their local area (and not for the publicity it brings them either). Most will look at several and then, like Aker Solutions, make a decision on a couple to support for a year, then review things the next year, to spread their contributions around a bit, while providing a great deal of help to the chosen ones during their year or so of support. Staff members in situations like Ms Robertson often create a stir with their own work and trigger the company into action. Go on, try it yourself.